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88 Acres

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Got a free sample from this company in our meat share today.  It was for the pumpkin seed butter.  We havenít tried it yet, but the packaging reflected their products are made in a dedicated bakery free of peanuts, tree nuts, gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, and sesame.  They have several products, including protein bars. Also, if you read their story, they run a very ethical business, trying to create jobs in an urban area that needs them, offering above minimum wage, benefits, opportunities.  I think weíll give the protein bars a try.  They are pricey, and Iíd like to have dd try them before spending $50...  Maybe they are in a local retail place around here.

Iíve tried their protein bars and really liked them. Iíve never seen them again though.

Thatís good to know.  Looks like Whole Foods carries those around here.  I found smaller farm/produce/health food markets here that have some other products.  Thereís a chipotle dressing that looks good, at 4 net carbs.  Might be a good bbq sauce sub for me.

They have an online store. I bought some of their bars from Intentional Foods whilst in Mesa, AZ last November but never got to try them. (Long story)  They contain flaxseed, so I gave them to my husband and he enjoyed them.

In Canada, No Nuts About Us sells several of their products also.

Becca- Target carries their spreads (in jars and packets).  I will occasionally buy DD the chocolate sunbutter one since she can't have Nutella in the house.


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