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Cheese please

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Searched and there was nothing recent.

Is there a good cheese substitute? One that labels well for other allergens.

I am not allergic to dairy, but Symptoms from my dairy intolerance is extreme.

My husband likes Daiya shreds (mozzarella, cheddar, pepper jack) baked on pizzas, nachos, or toast. I don’t think it is something anyone would want to eat raw, though.

I have a vegetable and tofu (or some sort of nut) based cheesy sauce we use on pasta is you want the recipe.

Thanks, I have a spaghetti sauce that doesn’t bother me.

I see they also have a “yoghurt”. 👍

If shared lines are an issue, give Daiya a call. They can tell you which items are made in their dedicated top-10-Free facility and which are made on shared lines or in a shared facility. They don’t always label for those.

Go Dairy Free has a lot of reviews of substitute cheese based on what you need it for.  Obviously some don't work with nut allergies.


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