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Cheese please

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The store we do trunk drops since pandemic started does not sell Daiya. Since we had to go to a different store this week I picked up a few. Cheddar block and shredded mozzarella.

Tried the block today to make some grilled cheese sandwiches, and also cut a small piece to just eat.

The colour was very good, as was the smell. It smelled like cheddar cheese. The taste...not perfect, but not bad. Usually I put a bit of garlic salt on my grilled cheese, but I wanted to try this without it. It needs flavours added. But I can see using it on nachos, tacos, or pizza. Well....the mozzarella cheese for the pizza.

Found frozen Diaya pizzas on sale this week.  Have not tried them yet, but next time we order pizza, I get to have some with "cheese" too!

Please be careful with Daiya products if you have a milk allergy. Not all of their products are made in a milk-free facility. They have great customer service and can tell you which ones are made in a shared facility, and shared lines, if you call. (The shreds themselves are okay, last I checked... but they added potato - gah!)

Has anyone tried https://violifefoods.com/en_ca/ ?

It appears safe, even for my allergens. (Does have potato starch is some, not sure about all.) Since I donít think itís available at either of the stores I shop at I havenít really looked into it to much. Just thought others might be interested.

I have looked into it before but the potato kept me from trying it.  It looks promising, and someone in my local allergy group recommended it.


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