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Raaka Chocolate- anyone tried it?

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I didnít order anything too creative. Iím a purist when it comes to chocolate (most of the time, anyway). I got one sea salt bar and two bourbon dark bars. Weíll see how these are. Then I might branch out.

I ordered a couple of the small batch flavors to try out.  Waffle cone and snickerdoodle...will save them for when DD is home from college.

OK, I tried their 82% Bourbon aged bar.

Itís OK. I have to qualify this by saying that I really prefer my chocolate between 85-92% dark. And yes, I do know how ridiculous that sounds to normal people but I really prefer bitter flavors to sweet ones.

Anyhoo, I think most people would like it. It just wasnít dark enough for me. My DH really liked it. And the texture is good.

That's so funny, I ordered the 60-something % ones to try because I don't love all dark chocolate...most are too dark for me.

Well, just opened the box...these are some small chocolate bars for what $8 a pop.  Even if we love this, it might be a one and done order.


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