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Vegan Cheez Sauce



Came across this, thought some here might be interested.

 Soy Free     Gluten Free     Nut Free     Oil Free

From the FAQ page:

Is the cheeze powder made in a gluten free facility?

We were working from a gluten free facility but this was leading to issues with proximity to other allergens. At this point our vegan cheeze is gluten free but not produced in a gluten-free facility. As a small startup we have to find a certain balance.


As with all products I post about, I make no money from posting this.

There was some issue with this product in our local allergy group.  They say 'nut free' but also have a 'may contain nuts, egg, and milk' on the packaging... Their email reply was neither satisfying or reassuring.  *sigh*  It was reported to CFIA for labelling conflicts (stating free from and may contain for the same allergen is illegal) but I din't know what came of it. 

I wonder if thatís why they changed facilities.


--- Quote from: SilverLining on October 23, 2020, 02:38:22 PM ---I wonder if thatís why they changed facilities.

--- End quote ---
As of today, the packaging still has contradictory labelling, but I hope they've made some changes and the packaging will be updated soon.  I haven't reached out to them since May this year.


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