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SoDelicious frozen foods

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Anyone familiar with this company?

With summer coming and my choices so limited, I thought coconut frozen treat sounded good.

I did search the forum, but all that I found are really old.

Do you have an ice cream maker?  I have a coconut, fruit and sugar based recipe that is great.

No I donít. With Chapmanís I decided it was not worth the expense. might be worth the dollars now.

I can't find my recipe where I've taken notes on it, but this is what we use.  I've cut the sugar in half or even to 1/4 cup.  I plan on trying it with maple syrup this summer to see what that is like.  We've used all different kinds of fruit...mixed berry, pineapple...a friend has tried cherry and plum and liked both, can't remember if they tried peach.  It does get really hard in the freezer after a day so sometimes we let it sit out before scooping.

I found some instructions on line to make it without an ice cream maker. Iím going to give it a try. No sense wasting money on a machine if I donít even like the stuff.

Unfortunately, I still cannot eat any fruit other than mandarins, and maybe banana. So, not sure what I can flavour with. Maybe syrup.


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