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Unorthodox Clinic Seeks to Upend Allergy Treatment


In Southern California:

I know a few people that go here for treatment, and have been able to travel there (from Canada!) even through COVID times.

However, I don't like how the patients and their families keep pushing it on others as a 'miracle cure', making us feel guilty for not trying it. And then don't really answer questions others have. It seems like there is a shroud of mystery, and no initial confirmation of an allergy, and those two factors rub me the wrong way.

This article aligns with what these patients have said, and adds significantly more information, at least. I'm glad you posted this link, thank you.

SC, I think the methodology is really interesting and compelling, but the things you mentioned plus the lack of peer review rub me wrong as well. I wish he would have cooperated with Drs. Sicherer and Nadeau, for instance. It was an interesting read.

It's always interesting to read about other treatments and hope that, someday, they will be successful and widely available. This programme sounds very interesting. I also wish he was willing to cooperate with the other top allergists.


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