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Cooked veggies to eat cold


I cannot eat raw fruit/veggies. This makes healthy snacking difficult.

Are there cooked veggies that are good cold? I canít really do much with spices etc. But cooking with garlic and green onion seems safe for me.

Even cooked veggies, right now there are not many I can eat, but Iím trying to add some.

I like corn on the cob cooked, cut from the cob, and eaten cold later on, like in salsa. Other veggies I don't mind cooked and cooled, with some seasoning include carrots, green beans, mushrooms, zucchini, and kale chips. Sweet potato or squash can be really yummy if you add a little maple syrup and oil to make a dessert pudding type thing (I think it tastes like pie filling), or some sort of broth to make a cold soup.

Good luck!

I cooked up some squash, carrots, and celery and planned to keep some to try cold tomorrow. But, it was really good and we ate it all. Lol.

I think I have some edamame in the freezer. Might cooks them up and keep to snack on.


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