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Safer Plate is a new meal kit service in Minnesota thatís top 9 allergen free. They have a former Mayo Clinic chef and a newly constructed kitchen that has never had those allergens in it. They say they check with manufacturers for cross contamination - they call so you donít have to. They talk about checking picnic tables for signs of food their child is allergic to. It just all sounds like my level of caution.

We just tried our first one. It involved a lot of prep. It wasnít cheap. But it was fresh and delicious and interesting. We got Chinese food, and the sauces were delicious. It made a lot of food.

Oh wow, I could really use something like that once in a while.

Where are they located or ship to?

Theyíre located in the Twin Cities in Minnesota. So far they only ship to Minnesota, but theyíre planning a national expansion.

Iíll look forward to that!

Safer Plate has expanded to the Dakotas, Iowa, and Wisconsin.


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