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Hi all, I developed an egg allergy when I was about 30 (confirmed with blood work and skin prick) and it has been about 5 years and I recently got retested... I was told the IgE bloodwork was negative and I was all set to reintroduce egg to my diet. I mean... is that it? I can just go fry up some eggs and go to town? I called their office a week or so after I got the results and told them I was scared to reintroduce it... the nurse said I should be fine just eat a little bit if I was worried. I feel like I should be taking this a bit more seriously! Any thoughts?

Did they suggest starting with baked egg, like in a cake? 

Hopefully someone with an egg allergy will chime in here.

I agree with Going Nuts, Iíd start with baked eggs and something thatís baked a long time like cake and then if thatís okay something cooked not as long like cookies, etc. In general positive allergy test results are about 50% accurate, but negative test results are about 90% accurate, so I can understand why your doctorís office advised you the way they did.  What reaction have you had to eggs?  That would influence my answer - and your doctorís office should have considered your reaction history in their advice to you as well. 

I am allergic to eggs, but only raw or lightly cooked eggs bother me. Baked goods are typically fine except sometimes under baked cookies or something very egg-heavy such as pound cake will make my throat itch. I also canít do things that are all egg white - like angel food cake. I donít eat eggs or egg dishes like breakfast casseroles or quiche, etc.

I passed a baked egg challenge! I made my husband sit in the ER parking lot with me while I ate a muffin  :happydance: I think the anxiety is worse than anything!

Thatís great - congrats! 🎉


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