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Author Topic: Nada Moo  (Read 1189 times)

Description: Dairy Free ice cream

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Nada Moo
« on: November 13, 2021, 07:39:24 PM »
Is anyone familiar with Nada Moo!?

DIL brought a couple tubs to go with the desert she brought for dinner. Some flavours have peanut.

This is from their site.

I suffer from severe allergies. Is your ice cream created using shared lines? What steps does your facility take to avoid cross-contamination?
We take food allergies very seriously. The facility where we co-pack our products has Safe Quality Food (SQF) Level 2 certifications, some of the highest food safety certifications a facility can have. What does SQF Level 2 mean for you? While all our flavors share the same equipment, the equipment is thoroughly washed, cleaned, and tested between every flavor run. Each flavor is also tested at different stages of the run, from mixing to freezing to filling, to ensure there is no contamination. These high standards ensure your safety (and keep our pints tasting great). As a result, we can confidently state that all NadaMoo! flavors are 100% allergen-free—except where clearly stated on the pint.

I’ve never heard of SQF Level 2, but all the testing for allergens make me think it would be safe.

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Re: Nada Moo
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2021, 08:22:22 AM »
I didn't realize they added peanuts/nuts...I thought they used to be peanut and tree nut free.  I considered picking it up for DD to try but it's only available at a specialty store that I don't shop at frequently and there is stuff at my regular grocery store that she likes.