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Natura - milk alternative


A post by a stranger on FB lead to me contacting https://natura.ca/en/

There are no peanuts or sesame seeds in their facility.

There are tree nuts/almonds on shared equipment. But the equipment and finished products are tested after.

I felt comfortable with their email response and have purchased rice, soy, and oat beverages. Iíve only opened the rice. Not a great drinking flavour, but it was nice in my oatmeal for breakfast.

Iím glad you found something SL.

We used to use them for years because they were the only alternative milk made in a nut-free facility. Until they added almond 5 or so years ago. We decided it was no longer safe for us.

They also process on shared lines with milk, I believe.

Cross contamination with milk isnít an issue for me.

Have you found a different company?

Now we only use coconut milk from a tin. My husband drinks Silk soy milk but I do not.


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