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Halloween 2022

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Thought an up to date thread about Halloween treats might be a good idea.

Nestle KitKat has a new “fun sized” treat with cute shapes and a nut warning

Wonder if that's the same for here in the US...guess I will have to look next time I'm at the store.

The regular fun sized still appear safe. But these kitkat ones were shaped like vampires and stuff.

I haven't seen the fun shaped ones, but the US fun size are labeled for cross contamination with peanut...which is how it's always been.  I'll check next time I'm at Target, my regular grocery store did not have any of the fun shapes.

I think I'm going to have to order the enjoy life minis for my neighbors...haven't seen any in the stores yet.

So the one thing I did notice is that there is now a hazelnut kitkat in the fun size...I'm assuming there is a full size in hazelnut as well.


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