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Loose herbal or floral tea

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My son who is allergic to peanuts and hazelnuts is interested in Loose herbal or floral tea. Is there a safe brand or company I can buy from?

Why loose leaf teas?

We buy these but they are all in tea bags:
Traditional Medicinals

My son loves to make tea out of roses and herbs. I donít know why he has been asking about it.

I bought some but it is from China. Has anyone used teabloom flowering tea?

I will look into NuMi and traditional medical (any certain ones you like)?

He will be studying horticulture starting in the fall. Always wants to try new things!

I like peppermint. Very simple. Peppermint and honey seems to be a recent favourite. When we donít have mint leaves from the garden I opt for tea bags from either company. We have some of their more medicinal teas for stress and colds as well. I donít have sophisticated tastes like someone in horticulture would. That is a really fascinating field of study.

I haven't used loose tea with my daughter (who has the allergies) and I'm reluctant to let her try tea from Asian markets or the blooming teas. She has had Harney and Sons and Twinings teas. I think she's also had Celestial Seasonings.


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