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Author Topic: Please Read RULES Before Posting in this Section  (Read 7690 times)


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Please Read RULES Before Posting in this Section
« on: August 03, 2011, 06:16:37 PM »
We welcome posts and links about products of value to the allergic community, and welcome clarification or answers offered by guests and members posting in an official capacity as representatives of particular businesses, organizations, or agencies. 

Before posting about a product/service/business, please search the site and see if the product/service you'd like to discuss already has a thread started.  If so, please add your comments to that thread.  Moderators may merge, edit, or delete duplicate threads or links as needed.

There is a fine line between appropriate self-promotion and spam posting.  The following Rules will help to ensure acceptable commercial activity at FAS:

1.  Only ONE link to the product/service may be posted by persons affiliated with the product/service; the proper place for such a self-promotional thread is in the Commercial area of the forum.

2.  Do not serial post (repetitive posting of the same information) OR serial re-raise the thread about product/service.

3.  Members who register for promotional purposes may reply to other topics in areas outside of the Commercial section; however, those replies must be clearly relevant to the discussion and not self-promotional in nature.  Those replies may NOT contain links to your product/service!

4.  Regular Members may discuss products/services in any section of the forum where it is relevant (e.g. Manufacturers, Restaurants, Travel), but those posts must not be self-promotional in nature.
5.  It is acceptable and even encouraged to have a single, separate Commercial ID which reflects the name or nature of the business and is specifically for pthe urpose of professional/official posts, while maintaining a regular member user ID for personal use.  These Commercial members may not start threads about their product/service outside of a SINGLE thread in the Commercial section (see #1), AND they may NOT add links to a signature line.

6.  It is not permitted for any member or guest to misrepresent his/her affiliation with any business, organization, or agency.  Please see #4 above.

Commercial posting activity deemed to be inappropriate, excessive, abusive, or in violation of policy or these boards and its members will be removed, and offenders may have their account(s) banned from FAS.

The Admins and Committee Members are in no way affiliated with any promoted or linked products/services, and do not in any way endorse any products/services promoted or linked to within this Commercial section of our boards. Admins and Committee Members who have experience with or knowledge of the products/services may post reviews of a product/service; however, said testimonials or commentary should be viewed as a customer review and not an official endorsement or denouncement of the product by an Admin or Committee Member.

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