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Author Topic: Sarasota FL area...vegan options, contains lots of tree nuts  (Read 193 times)


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DD and I just got back from a few days in Sarasota.  She picked the FL location based on how many vegan options were available in the area after looking on the Happy Cow website.  DD is a lactose intolerant vegetarian so often easier to look for vegan options instead of trying to take the dairy out of a dish.  DS was not with us so avoiding tree nuts was not necessary...good thing since finding restaurants that they both can eat at is often a challenge.

Places we ate:

Lucille Pizza and Wine Bar...amazing food.  We had salads and the spicy pepper pizza and the Pesto and Tomato Pizza.  I was concerned seeing as I am not vegan, but this was some of the best pizza I've ever had even though it was cashew cheese.

Green Zebra- also amazing food (some meat available).  DD had the Berry Salad minus the feta and vegan tacos.  I had the warm panzanella salad with chicken added.  Dessert was tiramisu cheesecake and key lime cheese cake...both contained tree nuts...both excellent.

Lila- it was so good we went twice (some meat available).  First night we were starving so had multiple rounds of small plates.  The rice tots and brussels sprouts were the 2 dishes that brought us back for the second night.  We tried their vegan sushi which was good, but I'm just not a sushi fan.  We also tried their gnocchi special which was also amazing.  Grilled tofu was good.  Second night we repeated our two favorite dishes and tried the guac (it was good but nothing to rave about).  Between the 2 nights, we tried all three desserts which were amazing.

Project Coffee- vegan coffee shop...had amazing and huge cookies as in necessary to share or save at least 1/2 for later.

In St. Armand's Circle, there is a macaron shop that has a couple dairy free fruit flavored macarons...we had to ask, wasn't obvious.

In Venice, we went to Seed to Table which was a tiny, hole in the wall place.  Service was very slow but we had no where to be so it didn't matter to us.  DD had their vegan grilled cheese which was packed with lots of veggies...she said it's probably the best she's ever had.  I had an acai bowl which was delicious.

All of them were pricey!  Best bang for your buck was the massive cookie from Project Coffee.

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