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Author Topic: Flexoril possible may contain  (Read 324 times)


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Flexoril possible may contain
« on: March 17, 2024, 01:28:45 PM »
Dd is dealing with a severe neck pain/pinched nerve.  She was prescribed some meds which are not helping, so Dr is switching them.  When she put Flexoril into her computer, it flagged a peanut allergy and was either a may contain or cross contamination warning.  I forgot exactly the phrasing and it was from dd telling me.   The pharmacy did not see that, but Dr called dd to let her know and they decided to stick with the muscle relaxer shes been using, and switched her other med to a steroid. 

Thought Id share in case its a concern for anyone. 
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dd with peanut, tree nut and raw egg allergy