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Reactions as part of storylines: Fiction books, movies, TV etc

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Reactions as part of storylines: Fiction books, movies, TV etc 

The Little Women Letters, by Gabrielle Donnelly.  3 adult sisters; the 2 eldest tend to tease/make fun of the youngest throughout the book.  The youngest has an ana reaction most likely to shellfish. One character does not understand the seriousness as his allergy is just a few hives, "it's not serious, it's just an allergic reaction."  One sister with a degree in biochem understands and explains the near death experience.  The downsides of the story line:  no mention of needing epis, just "avoid" shellfish and the biggie is that the two older sisters tease the younger saying, in jest, that now they now how to kill her when the sa sister annoys them.

Anyone watch House last night?  (Transplant).

A guy dies, and they are trying to figure out why, before transplanting his lungs.  As is usual on House, they come up with many different ideas.  Eventually they start thinking it might have been caused by the platelets he received, and go searching for the blood donors.  One had eaten peanuts shortly before donating.  One doctor says peanuts wouldn't have caused it.....and House replies "unless the person receiving it is allergic to peanuts".

I was watching a rerun for House and saw this and didn't know what to think.

"Damned If You Do"

--- Quote ---figwort tea, which House claims, when mixed with even the smallest level of epinephrine, causes instant cardiac arrest

--- End quote ---

fact?  fiction?  CM?   :)

I also watched Harry's Law episode "A Disturbing Disability".

It wasn't about FA, but what I kept thinking about was FA.


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