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Started by AdminCM, September 13, 2011, 08:01:16 PM

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ANA peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, potato, sorghum


Oh, space, I didn't think you needed to remove it—just to give folks warning that it was there so that they could stop reading if they wanted to. I read what happened and then saw the movie name. I don't want to see it—just thought I'd aomeone were planning to see it they should be able to decide whether to read the spoiler or not.
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This one has bothered me for years... we watched 'Sleepless in Seattle' last week and one of the characters has many environmental and food allergies.  Fine, that doesn't bother me so much.  But, this character asks for his sandwich to be made with white bread because he's allergic to wheat.  Wait, what?!?   :dunce:
ANA peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, potato, sorghum


There is no way to post this without posting spoilers so I will put the movie title in a spoiler, then the details within another spoiler. It is a 2019 comedy/horror.



[spoiler]Madison is in the back seat eating something. She starts turning, and others assume she's been bit. I'm looking, and thinking how weird it is, that they decided to make it look a lot like an allergic reaction. Her eye is swollen, her lips are swollen, she starts vomiting, her speech isn't clear, she's stumbling.

They get rid of her.

Then we see other characters turning. Some similarities, like the vomiting and stumbling, but not so much detail. I figured I was wrong about Madison.

Then....Madison shows up again, fine. And she says it was an allergic reaction.

Considering the type of movie, I would not have expected it to be educational, and that's fine. It wasn't played for comedy in a way that I found offensive or upsetting in any way. Admittedly, I find some scenes funny when others find them offensive though. Like Hitch and his sippy cup.


Dear Chicago Med, EpiPens are administered to the outer thigh, not the upper arm. 🙄

Season 5 Episode 10
ANA peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, potato, sorghum


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Netflix film 'Your Place or Mine' - one of the supporting characters is a teen with lots of allergies.
ANA peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, potato, sorghum

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