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What did you put in your child's lunch today?: Inquiring minds want to know

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Mini bell peppers stuffed with spinach/artichoke cream cheese.
Blue diamond almond thins
Bottle of water

And because he leaves for school at 6:30 and is finished at 5:00 I also stick in a cheese/romaine sandwich.  Had we had Nutella I just would have used that and made a half/fold over sandwich instead.

Smoke Turkey, cheese
Wheat/veggie crackers
Carrot sticks , grape tomatoes, broccoli 
Apple slices
juice box

DS is on a salad kick.  Today:

Salad with mixed greens, grated cheese, tomato slices, sugar snap peas, shredded carrots, cut up tiny bell pepper, and 1/2 tbs dressing

One slice of DH's bread

Berries (raspberries & blackberries)

Tiny Greek Yogurt for protein

Clementine for after school snack.  He has an audition today.

Out of bottled water, so I sent him with money for a water. And also for a coffee at some point in the day.

DD uses reusable lunch containers.  I use a variety-- my favorites are a bento box (sorry, can't find a link for it-- got it at Uwajimaya, it's a double-layer click-and-lock), Sistema containers in various sizes(the baby food set is about right for lunchbox items and bento), and a Rubbermaid sandwich cube.  Obviously, the amounts are fairly generous since she is at work from before 8 until sometime near 5 each day-- and she's 14. 

This week:

Monday-- 5 chicken-vegetable potstickers, broccoli salad (see below), pickled beets (about 1/2 c) and a plum--sliced into wedges.

Tuesday-- melted cheese sandwich made with shredded pizza cheese, a Kontos pocketless pita, sliced into wedges; a 1tbs Bento container stuffed with Land-O-Frost turkey, 1/2 c of broccoli-carrot salad (this is carrot shreds and broccoli florets microwaved in Aji Mirin for about a minute or so), and a bag (~1c?) of sliced apples.  Oh- and a babybell cheese single.

Wednesday-- Kontos naan cut into flower shapes with a food cutter, a Sabra hummus single, broccoli salad, and a bag of apple slices.

Thursday-- 1 c leftover Spanish Rice, 1 c of "fruit salad" (1 jumbo plum, cut into wedges, and a kiwi, cut into slices and shaped with a cutter into "flowers."

Tomorrow-- haven't yet decided.    Might do Soba and fruit.

Wasn't feeling too creative-- but DD seemed pleased by the offerings, anyway.

Flower-shaped naan slices (Kontos); two tiny bento cups, one with berry cream-cheese and the other with Land-O-Frost turkey (about four slices); 1/2 c of pickled beets, and an individual bag of apple slices.


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