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What did you put in your child's lunch today?: Inquiring minds want to know

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For today's speech tournament. (I also added a slice of havarti to keep the olives in tact.

I found out today that DH has been telling all of his coworkers that he is jealous of the lunches that I pack for dsd because his Mom did not pack him fun lunches when he was younger.  I have offered to pack him fun lunches for work, but he always wants sandwiches because they are easy to eat at his desk.  He did get a few mini chocolate donuts today as a treat.

I do pack pretty unusual things sometimes, but dsd also likes to eat a lot of things cold that I would never eat at that temperature.  She tells me that a lot of times the other kids are jealous of her unusual lunch food, and she just tells them that they could ask their Mom to make the same thing for them. 

Tomorrow's lunch:
Kabobs with cubed pork roast, cheese cubes, and pickles - I even have fun skewers with pinwheels on the end of them.
Blueberry Muffin
Small side salad
One mint-filled chocolate

I'm not sure about finding these safely for nut allergies, but a new favorite in the lunch box here is roasted pumpkin seeds.

Gerbs are safe for PA and TNA.  we have them on hand regularly.  Good in homemade granola to kick up the protein. 

Today--a LOT, because he'll be at this speech tournament a long time. There will be a lot of food for sale. I want him to have options so he's not tempted to buy.

Havarti and green leaf lettuce sandwich
Carrot chips
String cheese
Belvita blueberry cookie
Angie's kettle corn popcorn --I found an individual bag!
Bottle of water


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