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What did you put in your child's lunch today?: Inquiring minds want to know

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Friday was: 


Strawberry Greek Yogurt


Jack something Teriayki Beef Jerky

Mini Saltines

Cabot Vermont Individual Cheddar Cheese (one ounce square)

Two Mini cupcakes (nutfree from our grocery baker)

Cranberry bagel

Tradewinds sweet tea

daughter: was one cupcake (not two), Cabot cheddar, mini saltines, Mild Slim jim (small snack size, probably .75 oz) spiral sliced apples drizzled in caramel, and a bottled water.

Snack 1 grapes

Lunch pancakes hash browns and sausage cut up and heated in a thermos

Snack 2 homemade cookies

Afterschool snack apple sauce

Heart shaped turkey sandwich on dark rye for the boys, heart shaped cheddar cheese, strawberries, teeny melba toast and heart shaped cheddar cheese for my daughter, beef terryaki jerky as well in my sons' lunches, greek yogurt and these with red heart napkins:


Older son said he'd have to fight the whole lunch room. I told him to say his girlfriend packed his lunch and gave it to him when she woke up him up this morning.  ;D

Angies kettle corn for everyone as a treat. More fresh strawberries. valentine scratch cards for my kindergartener. 12 year old took the scratch card (in the shape of a heart) but declined the wood stick it comes with to scratch the design since "a sixth grader got expelled from school for bringing a steak knife to cut an apple". I asked him if the boy was routinely in trouble and he said he was really a nice kid, never in trouble. Ah, such is the new order.

Sandwich with DH's homemade bread, two slices of cheese, romaine
Sliced tomatoes in a separate ziploc bag--he can add them to the sandwich or just eat 'em
Kiwi slices
box of raisins
Veggie straws

DS is only PA


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