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Reconstruction, Under Construction! Finished topics have * in description


I'm going to begin on

PAGE 55 of the FAS-Hyperboards "schools" forum.

Dates are August 2009

I will sticky threads that NEED to be here asap,

post link-backs to hyperboards in others

and add titles JUST as they appear at HB.

Once we go live, (or have other content here as needed), I will return to the start of the list-- or work backwards-- and modify posts to note dates, thread-starters, etc.  That will help with searches here.  But there is not enough time to do it if I have 55 pages of posts to move here.

 :coffee: :dunce: :hiding:

Watch me go...


Finished with regular "Schools" forum-- from page 55 through current topics (at FAS-HB, as of 9/17/2011)

Noting (now that my vision is back to normal) that I'm going to start working back-to-front in the list of stickied threads and bring content over to fill those out.

Gradually, that should mean that fewer things will need to be on the sticky list... and it will also limit the number of link-backs to hyperboards.

I am not going to goober you up in here in regular SCHOOLS -- you've got own great system working here.

I'll continue working separately in SCHOOL RESOURCES.


Oh-- one more thing!

In LONGER threads, eventually the link in the thread starter (the one that I put there on the first post)?

That link will eventually connect to our thread ARCHIVE here...

so please feel free to continue any of those conversations.   :smooch:


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