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The Reflux Thread: One stop shopping for all your reflux issues

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The name of that book is hilarious!

Everyone's triggers are different.  Tomatoes bother me, and too much fat bothers me.  If you put them together (read: Pizza) it's a disaster.  I won't lie - I do cheat from time to time, b/c I love pizza, baked ziti, lasagna, etc. 

Caffeine, carbonation, onions, garlic and chocolate are also common triggers.  As is alcohol, which I'm sure isn't her problem.  ;)

I hope you can find the culprit, and that it doesn't limit her diet too much further.

I need to make an update here. Lots going on!

Alright, I (my husband I guess, not me.. me for sanity reasons due to this) NEED HELP.
In April, he started getting a burning feeling in his throat.  He's dealt with minor acid reflux before, nothing Tums or Pepcid wouldn't fix.
Well he stopped eating because it was burning so much.  This guy is 116lbs soaking wet, on a GOOD day, that's always been his norm.  He's since had an endoscopy, they found 15 eosinaphils in his lower antrum, he had himself convinced it was EOE and it was the end of the world and his life.  I'll admit, he had me almost convinced.  He then had another endoscopy done, and his results were GERD and Gastritis. 

He's still not eating much, is down to 98lbs due to NOT eating.

His symptoms are feeling like he's choking, like food takes a while to go down, constant burning, sour taste in his mouth, burning tongue.  This man is this biggest hard headed fool I've seen.  (I love him, I swear, we just clash so much with our opinions on his treatment, lol.)  He's very condescending and rude about everything we try to get him to do.

What should we do?  Dr's aren't helping, Zantac and Nexium dind't help.  I just want my husband back - without the snarky attitude.

Two extra strength Zantac each day did not control my reflux.  Doctor switched me to prescription omeprazole (Prilosec, but rx is cheaper than even generic OTC).  One capsule each morning on an empty stomach and my reflux is the best it's been in years.  Also, try elevating his head while sleeping.  I was doing that for a bit of relief, but don't need to anymore.  FWIW, my reflux is always worse when my stomach is empty.

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