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Author Topic: A long, drawn-out story about my allergy to chicken  (Read 1320 times)


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Re: A long, drawn-out story about my allergy to chicken
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2011, 07:17:20 PM »
  I'm about a year older than you Bob, and I have had a severe allergy to poultry my entire life, that started with the folks rushing me to the hospital as an infant after feeding me turkey delight babyfood or some such thing. It is a true anaphylactic allergy, and I have never met anyone else in real life with the same thing. One of the early theories of my family was that I was allergic to the commercial feed given to chickens, but that was soon put to rest as I suffered through "tests" of farm-raised ducks, geese, pheasant, you name it.(they had some weird ideas in the 70's, one of which was "she'll outgrow it") The last test I ever agreed to was early in married life when my hunter hubby convinced me to try a wild grouse- no good! The symptoms are always the same, the quick-swelling lips, pallet, throat, the struggle to breathe, the chest pains, the eventual nausea and vomiting. If it has feathers, its off my menu.
  This allergy is a constant problem, from cross-examining waiters in resturants to insisting that the cold-cut slicers in delis be wiped and gloves be changed to avoiding houses where a Thanksgiving turkey is being cooked (the mere fumes can get to me) Poultry is everywhere- even in beef and fish dishes. Try going on a lean meat diet without any poultry. Fish, fish and more fish! I sympathize with you, its a rare and ridiculous thing to deal with a poultry allergy. I've never had a doctor suggest anything other than avoidance. Other people try to be understanding, but even your best friends will occasionally forget.
   I have in addition the classic tree-nut allergy and some minor food sensitivities I think would be termed "intolerances"; bananas, aged cheddar. Interestingly, I have no problem eating eggs; I currently own a dozen hens and have a small egg business :).Nothing quite compares with the bird meat allergy though for rarity and just pure inconvenience not to mention danger. I doubt its going to garner medical research or social attention that the common peanut or shellfish allergies currently have the benefit of. It seems we few are just stuck for life. I wish you the best in dealing with it. You have my complete empathy!