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Specific Food Allergies > Sulfite/Food Additive Sensitivities

Sulfite Reactions: How do you treat one?

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admin rebekahc:
Posted: 01.26.2009 at 10:30:53

Could you try a plain beer...egads, a traditional American Bud, or at least a Blonde and see if the same thing happens?
Hops allergy? throwing salt over shoulder, knocking on wood, ack..ackk..pfooey...pfooey...gosh, I hope not.

Self: seafood, egg, nuts, sulfites, yellow dye, IV contrast

I had bought some hard salami, had some for a couple days. I woke up to the blisters on my hands, (pompholex). At first I wasnt sure what was causing it, but after looking it up there it was. I have a script for Mometasone Furoate cream from before and used it. It's funny that dr's (none of which are familiar with this, could never id it. I was to two derms and one gp. I've had to learn all about this on my own! :pout:

I'm glad you were able to narrow down the cause - it's too bad you had to do it on your own!


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