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sesame seeds labeling: US specific (laws, loopholes)

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Will it be one of those cases where even if patients "win", we lose?

Yes.  Of course.  Naturally.  Unless there is more money and less regulation, implementation & enforcement, in anything that might be an actual win.

I probably should have asked if you were really being rhetorical......


--- Quote from: gvmom on September 20, 2017, 10:52:18 AM ---Will it be one of those cases where even if patients "win", we lose?

Yes.  Of course.  Naturally.
--- End quote ---

Naturally.   Yeah.    :)

I really don't want to be a cynical person ... but that's really hard these days.



Re: American healthcare - patient-centered?

--- Quote from: LinksEtc on September 27, 2017, 07:04:13 AM ---Obviously, I've collected a lot of negative examples in this thread ... mostly to encourage people to critically think about what is really in our (patients') best interest ... sometimes, if we don't look out for our needs, nobody else will ... we can get complacent if we blindly trust that others (docs, patient orgs, government, etc.) always have genuine concern for our well-being.

Yes, I'm feeling somewhat depressed and disheartened ...

at the same time, I still think that things have the potential to get better ...

whether talking about patients & healthcare ... or citizens and government ...

for instance, there are drugs that have been developed that save lives, there are docs who truly care, there are
patient orgs where patient needs are the primary focus, etc. ...

maybe we have to find that right balance between hope & critical thinking ...


"Hope, Cynicism, and the Stories We Tell Ourselves"
By Maria Popova

--- Quote ---Critical thinking without hope is cynicism. Hope without critical thinking is naïveté.

Finding fault and feeling hopeless about improving the situation produces resignation — cynicism is both resignation’s symptom and a futile self-protection mechanism against it.

--- End quote ---

--- End quote ---


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