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Is there a positive predictive value for sesame?

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admin rebekahc:
Posted: 08.06.2008 at 03:40:39

Congrats, DoubleAs - you're living my dream.  ;D


Mom to two boys:
DS #1 - Age 20, Superbad OAS
DS #2 - Age 17, PA, TNA, Soy, Sesame and Chick Pea

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admin rebekahc:
Posted: 01.24.2010 at 06:07:59

Another study ...

"Sesame allergy: role of specific IgE and skin-prick testing in predicting food challenge results"

--- Quote ---Based on our sample, both tests are not good predictors of true sesame allergy as determined by an oral challenge. We were unable to establish a threshold with a 95% positive predictive value for both sesame-specific IgE and SPT.

--- End quote ---

admin rebekahc:
Posted: 01.30.2010 at 11:08:41

Thank you for sharing this.

DS (age 6): allergic peanuts & tree nuts; asthma, eczema
DS (age 9): allergic amoxicillin; environmental allergies
Me: possible OAS to bananas, environmental allergies


--- Quote from: admin rebekahc on September 09, 2011, 05:04:48 PM ---CMdeux
Posted: 08.06.2008 at 01:01:20
the only firm statistical conclusion was that if your RAST <0.35 kU/L that you are really, REALLY unlikely to be allergic
--- End quote ---

Not anymore according to this study  :-/

"Sesame Allergy: Role of Specific IgE and Skin Prick Testing in Predicting Food Challenge Results"

--- Quote ---Notably, 29% of sesame allergic patients had a sesame-specific IgE < 0.35 kUA/L. This is in contrast to the findings of Zavalkoff et al. who reported a cut-off < 0.35 kUA/L as being useful in excluding a diagnosis of sesame allergy.
--- End quote ---

Wow-- thanks for the update.  Unfortunately not good news.  But important.   :-[


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