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Where is the ______ thread in Schools?: A "help me find it" request thread

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Can't search for Inclusion thread, but needed a place to dump this until I can:

@mamatude: From Authentic Inclusion: Models for Inclusion

HELP - where is my awesome thread about getting my boy his 504?

It *was* in the school resource section at the other board...

I have less than zero time to track it down and must find it for someone

please help!

This is it, yes?

He doesn't need a 504...

You should definitely be able to copy, paste and print from the original.  (If you need to do anything that you seem UNABLE to do, let me know and I'll see if I can help.)

I am not entirely sure WHERE it wound up here-- but it should be in the resources section here as well-- it's just that it is a bit disorganized after the move.

Can someone find the section on the old board that had School Resources?  I am looking for a thread I started with a letter about disability harassment being illegal.


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