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Safe food list for sesame/peanut/tree nut: US Specific(08/02/10)

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New here, just got an allergy test that showed I was allergic to sesame seeds so now I am trying to find out exactly what I can eat.

here is one site I found that gave a list, not sure on the reliability.

I will call some product hotlines tomorrow and see what they tell me and I will report them here

I'm not familiar with all of the products, but many listed there I do consider safe.  (I'm allergic to peanuts and sesame seeds.)

However, I'm not in the US, and some products are safe in one country but not the other.


Since you are new to the allergy world, I just want to make sure you realize, there is no law requiring that companies label something as "may contain" if there's a risk of cross contamination.  You need to question different companies.

I'm also not sure whether sesame or sesame oil is required to be labeled if it's an added ingredient in the US. 

thank you for the response and the information.

I just heard back from a few companies. Digiorno says that sesame would be in the ingredients list if it was any part of the product.

Wheat thins said the same thing

Frito Lay said that they use absolutely no sesame or sesame product in any of their products (i called specifically for sun chips)

cheez its said they would label if there was any sesame as well.

none could promise with regards to cross contamination


--- Quote from: chenson2 on October 18, 2012, 04:30:07 PM ---Frito Lay said that they use absolutely no sesame or sesame product in any of their products (i called specifically for sun chips)

--- End quote ---

Welcome to the board chenson2!

I don't remember what type of chips they had told me contain sesame, but I did do a quick search and found this older thread about Frito Lay and sesame:

Here is a link to the Frito Lay page for that product:

You should be able to find lots of nutritional info on their products here:

Unfortunately, it's not uncommon to be told different things by different people at the same company.

Thank you

that is interesting information, i will avoid those pretzels for sure.

i also called digiorno back and asked about cross contamination possibility. the rep i spoke to said they thoroughly clean and disassemble/reassemble machinery after producing each product. she assured me that there would be no cross contamination. i ended up eating some of the pizza and was fine.

i should note, im not really sure how severe my sesame allergy is. i went to the allergist earlier in the week and did the skin prick test and it showed a mild sesame allergy. i want to ask about blood testing or or getting desensitized to this if possible because i am paranoid now even though i havent had a bad reaction, if any.


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