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Safe food list for sesame/peanut/tree nut: US Specific(08/02/10)

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Hi Sesamefree, welcome to FAS   :bye:!  I'm not a big fan of "safe" lists because they can get outdated very quickly, but they can be helpful as a starting point if people then confirm the information for themselves.  I had to take a space out of your link before it would work for me ... this is a helpful site to make links smaller

I think you'll find that a lot of people prefer to just continue posting on their various site(s), but it's helpful to know about your site and you might also consider placing a link to our site and other sites with sesame info on your blog.

Feel free to come back and join us here at FAS anytime.

Just adding these links:

What do companies tell you about their labeling practices for sesame?

sesame seeds labeling: US specific (laws, loopholes)

I'm wondering if this thread should be unstickied since it's so dated.

Thread about chips now containing sesame ... others no longer "safe"?
Lay's chips with sesame

FWIW it's at the end of the ingredient list called out in "spices" so I deliver the bad news that it's there along with the good news that the brand called it out on the label instead of hiding it in "spices".  I think it's listed as sesame extract.

All products in the U.S. must list the top eight allergens.  This includes peanuts and tree nuts.  Sesame does not have to be listed in the U.S. However, there are a few companies that will list sesame.  General Mills will list sesame. You can look at the food allergy statement on their website. Call ConAgra Foods and Hillshire Farms.  I believe they will list sesame as well.


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