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Specific Food Allergies > Seed Allergy

Safe food list for sesame/peanut/tree nut: US Specific(08/02/10)

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Also call Frito Lay and Kraft.  I believe they list sesame as well.  Just double-check.

I have a strong allergy for nuts and sesame    I ate at Arys,   ordered Chicken strips and have a reaction    They told me they have 2 secret ingredients when I called corporate and they would not disclose if sesame was an ingredient    I am getting paranoid to eat anywhere,

I was just recently diagnosed with nuts and sesame seed I came across this and it has relieved my nerves. Thank you so much.

I was wondering about the Fritos, Tostitos ,  and the lays, I seem to be having trouble  with them. I get itchy and my lips swell. I’ve also got a soy allergy, as well as the peanut and the sesame and tree nut.  The DO NOT EAT, the Bachmans pretzels are made in a building where sesame products are manufactured, my lips swelled, I got itchy... cross contamination with those, otherwise they’re made in a peanut and tree but free facility. The Cc warning is under the allergy warning about the wheat.

I am allergic to peanut, sesame, and assume nut.

I eat lays and Tostitos regularly.

I do not know mine are made in Canada or USA though.


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