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Great Value Milk



Does anyone use it? They don't have an almond milk, do they?
I trust Great Value's labeling. I don't know if they make almond milk. I know that we have used Great Value brand milk in the past.

we use it regularly but ours would be in a different facility than yours.

We use it as well. I don't think that they make almond milk, but I also trust their labeling. I called a few months back and they label for shared equipment.

Thanks everyone  I've never seen an almond kind by Walmart, so that's good I guess. Walmart keeps bringing in different milk brands and screws me up. They have Prarie Farms and Walmart brand.

We've trusted GV's labeling, including their milks, and have never had a problem.  We are PN/TN allergic.


Princess Cheese:
Thanks everyone. :)


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