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Egg free way to seal pasta?



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 Posted: 09.16.2011 at 08:58:16    
I want to try to make my own pasta somewhere in the near future - have found some promising recipes for the dough. One dilemma though - if I want to make a filled pasta, I've only ever seen it done using egg wash to seal the edges. Any one have any ideas or know of what I could use instead.

Anything soy protein based is out too - I don't know how you would use it to seal, but I have seen some dough recipes that use it, so wanted to put that out there.

Posted: 09.16.2011 at 09:48:56    
Plain water, pressure and a few minutes to SIT before cooking is what we've found works the best.

We also make tortellini rather than ravioli (greater overlap means better sealing without egg) and instead of turnover/pie-style potstickers, we make 'dumpling' style ones gathered at the tops.

DD loves potstickers AND tortellini.

Posted: 09.16.2011 at 10:12:02    

Wondered if plain water would work, but wasn't able to find anything online to support it - glad to hear from someone with experience.

Found a recipe that uses butternut squash puree instead of eggs - excited to try it now.


Janelle, can you share the recipe for the dough please. 

I'll definitely share - soon if I can find it easily - otherwise maybe about a week.  It's bookmarked on the laptop that fiancee has out with him to fix it.

Found it!  More of a ratio really, than a recipe, but aren't most fresh pasta recipes that way anyway?

Actually was intended to use up leftover baby food, but works just fine for me anyway - not above using baby food recipes, I use baby food to bind lots of things.

Haven't tried it yet.  Maybe in the next weekend or so.

Oh, we're big baby-food fans around here, too, fwiw.


I especially love using prunes to replace eggs in chocolate baked goods. 


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