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Sesame Research (links clearinghouse thread)

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admin rebekahc:
Posted: 01.18.2011 at 08:02:00

Thanks hk!

admin rebekahc:
Posted: 01.31.2011 at 09:54:49

Thanks for these resources.

Baby girl: Dairy, soy, fish, seeds, eggs, tree and peanuts
Big Girl: Dairy, eggs and nuts

admin rebekahc:
Posted: 03.10.2011 at 11:11:31
01.31.2011 at 09:54:49, Yve wrote:

--- Quote ---Thanks for these resources.
--- End quote ---

You're welcome Yve!


"Allergy to Seeds"

Ilan Dalal

Pediatric Allergy and Immunology
Volume 22, Issue 1pt2, pages e150–e154, February 2011


--- Quote ---have progressed from 'anecdotal' to a serious worldwide health problem

--- End quote ---

admin rebekahc:
Posted: 05.19.2011 at 07:50:26
"Food Allergy: Is Sesame Seed the “Middle Eastern Peanut"?"

--- Quote ---Although specific IgE to peanut were higher than for sesame, peanut-induced allergic reactions were mild, in contrary to sesame where anaphylaxis was the only clinical manifestation.

--- End quote ---



--- Quote ---Recently, sesame has been recognized as an increasingly frequent and potentially severe allergen.

--- End quote ---

admin rebekahc:
Posted: 05.31.2011 at 01:49:38

Thank you so much for this!! We should definitely create a linker thread from the research forum to this thread, but I think it is a terrific idea to house individual allergen research like this.
So much of the clinical research is becoming allergen-specific. It's really a wealth of information, and I'm so encouraged that the nuances between food allergens are being explored (for example, the conventional wisdom re: which allergen proteins are the "important" ones in egg, milk, and peanut allergy) but it sure makes it a lot denser in this forest.  :thumbsup:

Parsing it out like this is very helpful to let us see the individual grove that we happen to be standing in, as we look at all these trees. THANK YOU!!

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