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Sunflower by any other name.: Different names for sunflower in ingredients list

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Thanks for posting the list. It seems that 'sunflower oil' and it's deriviates go by different names depending on whether their in foods, cosmetics, perfumes etc. Would be really grateful if anyone could post any other terms they come across that manufacturers use

I developed an allergy to sunflower seeds/oil recently and thought I'd pass along the unexpected places where sunflower seeds/oils may be found:

- Wheat breads/baked goods
- Breadcrumbs!  Progresso breadcrumbs list sunflower seeds as an ingredient.  Panko breadcrumbs might be ok.
- Deli meats (in the marinade)
- 'DATEM' (diacetyl tartaric acid ester of mono- and diglycerides) is in mini-moo creamers and cream added to coffee by places like Dunkin' Donuts and McDonalds
- Dried fruits and cereals with dried fruits
- all chips and pretzels except Cape Cod chips- supposedly made with canola oil.  I haven't tried them yet, though. 
- I don't trust labels that say vegetable oil (canola, safflower, cottonseed ...) because I think I have had reactions to these products. But I am still sorting things out. 

I'll keep posting if I discover more. 

Coffee Crisp chocolate bars contain sunflower oil as do many steak spices. I can't eat pizzaville pizza as they make oven baked chicken wings that contain sunflower oil, then they slide a pizza pie in to the oven, it soaks up the sunflower oil.

Be cautious of safflower, too. It's a similar Asian plant to sunflower. I now have reactions to it.

i react to all mono and diglycerides. i also have found out the mustard is a connected allergy to sunflower and im deffinalty allergic to that to. any one know of any makeups that contain sunflower in them?


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