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Sunflower by any other name.: Different names for sunflower in ingredients list

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I think I've read about some make ups that do contain sunflower, but I don't know them off the top, of my head. You might try searching through this section for it. Tomorrow when I have a real computer in front of me (instead of just my phone), I'll look and see if I can find something unless someone beats me to it. I know we have a few members with severe sunflower allergy, so hopefully they'll see this and chime in as well.

I've had a terrible allergy to sunflower for 8 years and I am still finding sneaky ways companies add sunflower to their ingredients and don't label it appropriately.Vitamin E is also derived from sunflowers. Not all Vita E but more often than not, and it's not labeled on the ingredients list. Maybe most already figured that out but it was news to me. Hope this helps.

Elizabeth Williams:
Don't forget about tocopherols and Vitamin E.


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