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Happy Birthday, FAS!

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Wow-- some birthday present, huh?

The new forum should hopefully feel like home, only maybe a bit better in the same way that a really nice hotel suite is "better" than home.

It will be a little rough going over this first week, we know.  :grouphug:   Sorry about that, but there's only so much that a handful of people can do in 16 hours, you know?

There should be thread TITLES and STARTERS for anything that was "live" on the old forum, though for the time being, those thread titles may have little IN them but a link back to hyperboards.  The search feature here is also MUCH nicer than at hyperboards, though, so finding things should (over time) get easier and easier.  Moderators, Committee Members and Administrators are still moving content.  Repeat:  all those links back to hyperboards ARE expected to be mostly temporary.  If there is older content there that you NEED to have, please add a thread starter and a link in the first post, so that you can continue the conversation in the thread.  We can merge threads here, so it should be possible to make most things very smoothly continuous.   :coolbeans:

We've tried to preserve the "feel" of the forum the way we're all used to, but there are things which are different.  Most of that is in a good way, we hope!

Aloha, everyone! 


So what are my favorite things about here??


emoticons!  I just love this one:  :hiding:   and our oar, of course.  Not really FAS without an oar.   :thumbsup:

Same great community!


New and oh-so-much-more-awesome:

sockpuppets (that is, accounts used for anonymity where needed) can be "linked" invisibly to your main account in your preferences.  No more sign-out, sign-in, post, sign-out...just use the jump box on the header.  For Committee and Administrators, you have no idea how wonderful that is.  :heart:

spam controls SO much better.  SO much.   :coolbeans:

we. can. MERGE. threads. here.  <swoon>  this is going to make things SO much easier to search for in the long run!!!  Seriously in love with this feature.

Better splits, polling, moving, etc.  MUCH more finesse. 

Nifty new SLEEK look to things, but with our same lovely blue color scheme

NO ADS-- it's our site.

Now, I hate change.  I'm still getting used to the PM system here, which feels quite peculiar to me.

admin rebekahc:
And don't forget no one can take any of our buttons or tools away!

nonuts4me cant log on:
Hi all, I can't get logged on. It says that my username is in use.

Also...what happened with the old board?


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