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Happy Birthday, FAS!

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 Wow!  Thank you to the admins/committee/mods for all of your hard work ... it could not have been an easy decision to pack up and move.  I hope that we will be happy at our new home  :heart:.

ANYONE who is having trouble logging on here should double check to make certain that they are using the information given in the PM's sent to their accounts at the old site.

Barring that, go ahead and register your username (or a close approximation) here and we'll help you figure it out from there.

Thanks, Links!

There were a lot of reasons for the move, but mostly they can be summed up into "increasingly obvious professional differences" with hyperboards management.

As long ago as two years back, the site Administration and Committee Members had discussed the wisdom of banking on hyperboards for the long haul, and the decision, even then, was "we'll see." 

This move has been planned since mid-May. 

I think that most of the changes here are positive ones, and I do think that this will be an excellent home for FAS!  :heart:

nonuts4me cant log on:
Yes!!! Thank you for all your hard work and continuing this wonderful place!!!

Sorry, I didn't realize I was/could login at the old site. Got my password.

 :grouphug: Again, much thanks.  :heart:


--- Quote from: AdminCM on September 19, 2011, 05:35:25 PM ---

NO ADS-- it's our site.

--- End quote ---

How are we paying for it?  Do we need some funds?

Eventually, yes-- but as always, this is never going to be a fee-for-user service.  Donations and goodwill ONLY.

But this is the same problem that we have always had; our redirects aren't free and never have been.  They've just been covered behind the scenes by a handful of people all along.

It certainly isn't an amount sufficient to warrant charging people what Adam wanted just to make a few ads disappear.  ~)  Or whatever someone else wanted, once upon a time, for an edit button.


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