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Specific Food Allergies > Wheat/Gluten Allergy

New to wheat allergy

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admin rebekahc:
April in the US
Posted: 12.04.2008 at 10:50:32

Some people just have wheat allergy, some have both wheat allergy and Celiac disease. Before she stops eating wheat (like this week), maybe ask your regular pediatrician to order a Celiac Panel. It's an additional blood test that might tell you if you should avoid all gluten grains.
Rice Chex cereal, Dora Cereal, Tigger & Pooh Cereal, & Little Einsteins Cereal (General Mills) are all wheat free and gluten free, ingredient wise.
Look up "Wylde" pretzels to see if they fit the bill. If soy is no issue, look up Glutino pretzels - son loved them before he developed soy issues.
Namaste mixes, 123 Gluten Free mixes - these are all worth checking out. There are a variety of gluten-free pizza crusts. The one we use has egg (Kinnikinnick) - perhaps that's okay if baked, but there is also a frozen thin pizza crust at Whole Foods that is made from just rice and potato flours, I believe.
Here's what goes in my son's lunch bag:
Monday - Hormel turkey pepperoni pizza on kinnikinnick pizza crust with Enrico's sauce, carrots, juice, small piece of safe candy
 Tuesday - diced chicken (plastic fork), blue corn chips, pears, gummy bears
Wednesday - Yogurt, cheddar cheese, fruit, Cape Cod potato chips
Thursday - same lunch as Monday
Friday - same lunch as Tuesday

Cascadian Farms french fries are worth checking out for a dinner side. Baked potatoes can be topped with lots of good stuff.
Amy's Rice Mac & Cheese is mostly rice pasta and milk ingredients. It's delicious...but caution that it's made in a facility with wheat and tree nuts. Label says no peanuts, fish, shellfish or eggs. Personally we have not had issues with getting "glutened" by it. My oldest is Class 6 / anaph. for peanut, but he does not have tree nut allergies (knock on wood), so you'd need to decide if Amy's is in your comfort zone.
Tinkyada rice pasta is amazing - you can use it just like regular pasta...very specialized company, so not a lot of other allergens.
I really focus a lot of attention on breakfast - we spend adequate time each morning and make sure there are carbs/fat/protein at each breakfast. He has a burger on Wednesday mornings because I don't send meat to school with him that day! It's his favorite breakfast.
If Red Robin restaurant is in your comfort zone, check out the protein burger...they will wrap a burger in lettuce and white butcher paper - very tidy to eat. Or they'll just serve a burger on a plate plain, if that's what your child prefers. Most have dedicated fryers for their french fries (fries can be QUITE contaminated with the breading from chicken nuggets, tortilla strips, etc.), and they also serve fresh sides like cantaloupe slices and carrots. The fry seasoning contains soy - we ask for fries no seasoning...might not be an issue for you.

Mom of 3 AWESOME boys

* Me: Celiac
* DS1 (8): IgE allergies Peanut (ana), Soy, & Pork; also Celiac Disease (gluten), Eosinophilic Gastroenteritis & Colitis, on gastrocrom
* DS2 (4): NKA, gluten-free diet, mild Eos., outgrew milk allergy
* DS3 (2): Neocate plus tolerated foods, Celiac, no IgE allergies, lots of intolerances, doing well

admin rebekahc:
Posted: 12.05.2008 at 09:08:40

My kids are all ceasar salad freaks and have chicken ceasar salad almost every day for lunch except the days we ahve left over GF pizza which is genearlly once a week (and homemade).


DS 15
DD 11 Tree Nuts and peaches
DS 7

admin rebekahc:
Posted: 12.13.2008 at 08:29:47

Wow! Thanks for all the information. I haven't had time to do anything about the wheat allergy. I feel so bad about not helping her. We are just going the same as before. We've been extremely busy with in-laws in town. I had hoped to get this going when we first found out about it. I'll let you all know how she does once we remove wheat from her diet. I am anxious to find out! Although, there is a part of me that worries if we take her off wheat, the allergy will get worse. Is that possible? Since it's a medium level, would it be better to keep her eating some wheat? Her levels did go up from last year. So maybe that is not true.
And maybe I am just in denial  :)

Pretty good overview regarding X-contam and how to avoid gluten:

Anyone here know if wheat allergy can stem from a grass allergy?  Like an OAS connection?

I am currently eliminating wheat after several allergic reactions, mild to severe, and am already noticing a huge difference: no more random hives, no more post-nasal drip, no more throat and palate swelling/swallowing issues, huge eczema improvement. But wheat allergy is most common in babies, not randomly springing up in an adult, from what I have read.  My anaphylactic potato allergy has stemmed from my grass allergy (per my previous allergist), in some sort of OAS connection, so I wonder if wheat is connected somehow too.

Googling wheat allergy makes my head spin with too much naturopathic and gluten intolerance nonsense incorrectly labelled as allergy.


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