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Specific Food Allergies > Peanut/Tree Nut Allergy

SURPRISE! Unusual or Unexpected Peanut/Nut Sources

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Peanut Harvest time:

Excellent video so that you can REALLY see what happens & the airborne situation -- especially for those who live or travel by road in peanut farm areas of our country.

Peanut combine Lawrence co.AR

One more resource for watching trends as to new sources of peanut:

I just had to return Rachel Ray's brand of chicken stock because it was made in the same facility with peanuts.  Chicken stock!

So I accidentally took a Good Housekeeping magazine from the doctor's office waiting room. (current issue - November 2011)  On it's Ask Heloise page, one of the questions is about removing dog scratches from a wooden floor.  The answer reads: "Take a pecan or walnut, break the meat in half, and rub it into the scratch.  Go with the grain of the wood (you'll feel the nut meat getting warm) to fill the scratch.  Buff with a soft cloth."

There is more about using crayons and such, but that's the relevant part for here.  Yes, seriously.  Fill scratches in your hardwood floor with nut meat.

MANY more semi-permanent (and some permanent) DIY hair coloring kits are containing tree nut ingredients these days.

It's downright depressing.   :-[


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