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Chicken (is it cross-reactive at all w/ egg??)

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admin rebekahc:
Posted: 04.20.2010 at 03:28:46

My DDs initial rasts were slightly positive for chicken (level 1) and wildly positive for beef (level 5) her allergist felt strongly that these were false positives related to her true egg and milk allergies (both of which were level 5) and had us do IOFC for chicken and beef in pretty short order.
She was 10 months when she passed chicken and 13 months when she passed beef.

I'm glad you got the ok to go forward.

admin rebekahc:
Posted: 04.20.2010 at 07:39:11

Tomorrow will be day #5 of chicken with no problem- THANK GOD!  ;D

DS#1- 4 yo allergic to peanuts/avoiding tree nuts
DS#2- 2 yo allergic to egg

Pennsylvania, USA

My son is highly reactive to egg. He can not eat baked or raw. We have never had any issues with chicken.
If I were you I would speak to your allergist about this again to get a better understanding of why he is suggesting this for your child.


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