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Hi, my daughter cannot eat wheat, corn dairy or artificial additives.
She is intolerant rather than allergies. They make her cry, scream, fatigued etc.
She can have spelt. I cook everything with spelt. We have found a bread in Australia called bodhi's dinkelbrot. It has no yeast either.
Make spelt pancakes. We use nuttalex dairy free spread as it is additive free.

I feel hopeful that you can eat spelt.  Wheat is like a poison to daughter but spelt although contains gluten is fine. It cooks like wheat and tastes great.  Corn makes her spz out crazy angry.

A recommendation is to get hold of some iodine that contains iodide and selenium. It needs to contain all thereto work.  This is helping my daughter. I am third generation hashimotos with hypothyroid so now my whole family takes iodine.  We have taken for a few months. It tAkes 3 weeks to see any improvement.  Also get some vitamin D.  My daughter can now tolerate small amounts of dairy. We are moving forward in addressing the cause rather than adjust living without foods forever.

Of course I have no medical advice other than living with a food intolerant daughter for 7 years and can now see what causes here problems.

Kind regards

Spelt is wheat.

Food intolerances and true food ALLERGIES are quite different in both presentation and management. 

I would caution anyone who may have a true food ALLERGY to seek an accurate diagnosis and medical treatment recommendations from a board certified allergist and follow strict avoidance of their allergens.

I would 2nd that !
 I have four kids , two with food problems, one has been recently diagnosed by a immunologist as being intolerent to soya and milk. (anything that comes from a udder etc) Soya is in many processed foods and is very difficult to avoid in comparasion to milk imo.
She also has  some ige environmental allergies.
symptoms, tingly throat, feeling sick, ezcema.

Son is under the care of a immunologist , and has ige allergies to egg/beans/peanut/ brazil nut/kiwi/ yeast extract. Is also allergic to all environmental allergies.

what are you currently eating?
how are your cooking skills?
what sort of meals would you like to have?
perhaps this way we be of more practical help by suggesting substitutes or recipes.

I have corn allergies but was still reacting to something.   It turns out it is to sesame oil.   You might see if this is a problem for you too as many American allergists don't test for it and it seems to be in a lot of food.   Good luck.


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