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severe stomach pain

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I wouldn't discount the gall bladder because you can eat other fatty foods.  Not everything set mine off but when it was stressed egads, the pain.  They honestly thought I had ruptured a disc when I was pregnant with my daughter.  It took a fateful trip to the ER after a week of hell (which had involved a trip to L&D and several trips to the drs office, transfusions of fluids, etc) and the admitting nurse told me I shouldn't plan to leave with my gall bladder.  Three surgeries later (I had a trapped stone that had to be shunted and then the shunt removed, plus having my gall bladder out surgically - not fun when 5mo pregnant) and I left the hospital with none of the issues that had plagued me for roughly 10 years.  Two years later, still no recurring issues of pain (though the occassional restroom issues when I do eat certain high fat foods, not all, just specific ones).

I agree with the others.  It's kind of like the old saying - when you hear hoofbeats think horses not zebras.  An allergy to that specific set of foods would be like looking for the zebras - not impossible, but there may be a more likely explanation.

I get the same stomack pain when I eat thai spring roles.  I think the reason is that they use oyster sauce.. I get ill when I eat oysters.
It's some kind of allergic reaction.
Best regards

I believe it's the cloud ear mushrooms or black fungus, especially since you've had it after eating Mu Shu pork.  I am typing this between waves of excruciating stomach pain, and other unpleasant symptoms requiring trips to the bathroom.  I ate one of my son's vegetable spring rolls at Pei Wei, not noticing that it had black mushroom in it.  This is the fourth time I have had this happen over the past 15 years or so, and every time it was after eating Mu Shu vegetables.  After the first couple times I caught on, and I don't eat out very much anymore anyway, but I was careless tonight.  The pain is unbelievable (and this is coming from someone who has given birth twice).  I also get vomiting, nausea, and eventually diarrhea, after which the pain abates.  I never thought of oyster sauce as being the culprit, and I still believe it's the mushrooms, because even regular mushrooms don't agree with me (but cause nothing like the "Alien" like stomach pain of the black mushrooms).

Hello. I get this too. If I eat any fish at all , salmon anchovies even a cm of my sons fish finger
I will end up with really bad pain right in centre of stomach. I have had blood tests, ultrasound for stones, breath test for pylori and am now seeing a gastrointerologist to try and figure it out.  The pain level depends on how much I've eaten it can out of no where last year?? Started noticing a pattern. Thought it was eggs too. So stopped both, after a while had a pce of salmon baked. Ended up in hospital over night after exploding from both ends in acute pain on shower floor. Not fun. Don't touch fish now.  But - the one thing that has helped is -> Slippery elm bark powder from health shop. Gone in 15 min !  Even tho I can live without fish, I'm more interested in what's going on in stomach so as not to goner a potential illness developing that could be bad later. They say alot of serious things start in the gut. !!  Good luck. Let us know if u figure it out.


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