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Egg Baked Challenge (what RAST is okay?)

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Egg Baked Challenge

admin rebekahc:
Posted: 07.13.2010 at 08:53:10

For those who have done a baked challenge or spoken with their allergies about a baked challenge, what was the criteria the doctor used to see if a baked challenge could be done.
I am really curious about what blood numbers people have had & have done a baked challenged - and passed or not passed.
We see DS allergist at the end of the month and I do want to speak to him about baked challenge for Egg & Dairy - his criteria & his take on them & the likelihood of my DS being about to do so now or in the future.
Any input you can share about your experience would be much appreciated.

DS - Dairy, Egg, PN, TN, Drug allergies



admin rebekahc:
Posted: 07.13.2010 at 12:02:26

We are tentativly scheduled for a baked egg challenge in February. When rasts were done 10/09 - DD was a 7.18. Over five years her rasts have been steadily dropping from a 50.17, 28.1, 17.8, 14, 7.18 - doctor indicated that she will likely be ready for a baked egg challenge after next rast. Her skin tests went negative two years ago as well. I believe the criteria is under 5 for baked.

admin rebekahc:
Posted: 07.13.2010 at 08:21:00

My son is scheduled for a baked egg challenge later this month. He is 7 and his latest RAST is 1.23 for egg (the lowest it has ever been). Two years ago, his previous allergist suggested an actual egg challenge (not baked egg) because his RAST was under 5. He failed that challenge and was Epi'd due to extreme gastrointestinal discomfort -- though he did eat almost an entire piece of French toast before he began reacting. I'm feeling hopeful about the baked egg challenge. His allergist thinks that if he can tolerate the baked egg regularly, new studies seem to suggest he'll be more likely to outgrow the allergy.

admin rebekahc:
Posted: 07.14.2010 at 06:37:05

DD's RAST for egg last year was 6.43 (down from 11.6) the previous year. We were told she could do a baked egg challenge, and it's scheduled for January 2011.

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