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Help with the Board Functionality

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admin rebekahc:
This is a topic for people who would like to ask questions about how the board works.  I cannot guarantee that I can answer them, but hopefully between us all we can find the answers.

Please feel free to post either questions or responses in this thread. Thanks!

Important difference here from our recent abode at hyperboards:

When sending PM's here, you will need to CHECK the box at the bottom of the message if you wish to retain a copy of the sent message in your own mailbox.  It doesn't do it automatically the way we're used to. 

You can change the default settings on your own PM box to automatically retain sent messages, if you prefer.

admin rebekahc:
There is also an option in your control panel to save all sent messages.

Profile>Modify Profile>Personal Messaging
Save a copy of each personal message in my sent items by default  ✓

What is this "block" feature and how does it work?

Under your account, choose Profile--> modify profile--> buddy/ignore list

You can add a member to the "ignore" list, and then that member's posts (and PM's) are "invisible" to you.

For an example, I've added SilverLining to my "ignore" list temporarily and snapped a screenshot of a thread to demonstrate what a member's posts look like if I'm "ignoring" him/her:

somehow I got logged out, I cant remember password.
or the one I remember is wrong

i have been sent the "set new password" email twice but the link takes me right  back to wrong page...

so confusing.



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