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Hi Scout, sorry you're having trouble.  Please email me so that I have a private way to communicate with you if I need to reset your password or something.  Also, if you could include the link you've been getting I'll look into that, too.  :)


Hi. I am brand new to your forum. I posted my introduction on the correct thread but I did not enter on the bottom, where I am from and other allergies . I noticed that all the other entries have this. Can I get back onto my original post? Also, on the pages where people can write their concerns and questions....how do I post there? So many question....so many hives! Really appreciate your help! Paula Deryens from Richmknd, Virginia.

Welcome!  :bye:

To add a signature to your post, follow these steps:

Hover over the button that says Profile (it's above the green box at the top of the page)
Choose Forum Profile
from there you can modify your signature to show location, allergies, etc.

To modify a post you've made, go to the post and in the top section of that post should be a button that says modify.  Make any changes and then click save at the bottom.

In other areas of the board, you post just as you did here.  If you don't see a topic you want to post in, you can start a new one by clicking New Topic at the top of the list of topics in that section.

Thank you!

Would it be possible to explain how to post a photo? I could use some very basic assistance, for example, how to use photobucket for this purpose.


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