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Specific Food Allergies > Egg Allergy

Unusual and Unexpected Sources for egg/egg protein:

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oh no! one more thing  >:( I still have a teensy bit left from a safe jar in my fridge...

I looked at Wegmans today... Looks like the squeeze version has egg.  All glass jars still read safe.

I use the Nestle La Lechera Brand Dulce de Leche in the squeeze bottle.  It's usually in the Mexican foods section.

It reads safe for the top 8, except for milk.  However, I am not that sensitive to egg, and not allergic to pn or tn at all.

I never would have expected egg to turn up in hard candy but we found egg listed in a lollipop. The brand name was Ozark - something.  Maybe Ozark Delight. (Got tossed before DS could get near it.)

Wow! I never would have guessed wine! Bummer!! What's this about coffee????


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