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Newly diagnosed with yeast, egg, wheat, gluten and dairy allergies. Overwhelmed!


Hi all,
I am a 43 year old stay at home mom who was just diagnosed with allergies to egg, yeast, wheat, gluten and dairy. I haven't had any anaphylaxis, but severe muscle weakness and breathing problems that my dr thinks is associated with the food allergies. I am looking forward to finding recipes and ideas on this forum to deal with all of this. I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed and discouraged right now!

Hi Lisa and welcome :)

I'm so sorry you're feeling so overwhelmed and discouraged.  :(  Hopefully the members here will be able to help you sort things out and offer encouragement.  To help us help you, I'm sure there will be questions - so I'll start:

It sounds like you were not diagnosed by an allergist?  What test(s) did your doctor use to diagnose you? 

Muscle weakness isn't typically a symptom of true food allergy (though it could be a side effect of a symptom such as shock).  What type of breathing problems have you experienced? 

Were you able to pinpoint what caused your reaction at the time or did your doctor run tests as a fishing expedition? 

Prior to diagnosis, had you ever noticed symptoms from the foods you were diagnosed as allergic to?

Were you prescribed an EpiPen and taught how to use it?


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