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Specific Food Allergies > Soy Allergy

Foods / Companies to Watch or Avoid: due to soy (surprise sources)

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admin rebekahc:
April in the US
Posted: 07.21.2008 at 11:14:26

Benadryl FastMelts contain soy protein. Ugh.

Mom of 3 AWESOME boys

* Me: Celiac
* DS1 (8): IgE allergies Peanut (ana), Soy, & Pork; also Celiac Disease (gluten), Eosinophilic Gastroenteritis & Colitis, on gastrocrom
* DS2 (4): NKA, gluten-free diet, mild Eos., outgrew milk allergy
* DS3 (2): Neocate plus tolerated foods, Celiac, no IgE allergies, lots of intolerances, doing well


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